How to Keep Jesus At the Center During the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a great time full of family, friends, food, and gifts, but it's also a great time to remember the greatest gift that we've been given - Jesus Christ. It's easy to get caught up in shopping and prepping for family, so here are three easy ways to keep Christ at the center this holiday season.

1. Write down everything you're grateful for

I know that this is usually done around Thanksgiving, but what better way to remember Jesus Christ than to thank and praise Him for everything that He's done this past year. It's easy to think about all the things on your wishlist, but you can keep Christ at the center by thinking about all of the things you've already been blessed with.

2. Give back

Another way to keep Christ at the center is to spend your holiday giving back. Whether it's volunteering at your local shelter or soup kitchen or delivering goodie bags to the less fortunate in your area, think about how you can give back. The Bible tells us that it is always better to give than to receive.

3. Read the story of Jesus' birth

Technically it isn't really His birthday, but what better way to remember Him than to study the story of His birth. As you're reading, think about Joseph and Mary's obedience and the things they did to prepare for their new beginning. It might help you prepare for 2019.

So those are three things that you can do this holiday season to keep Christ at the center. We wanna know - what are your favorite holiday traditions?

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